Philosophy Salon: Tips in choosing a hair colour

Want to rock a new hairdo? Nothing works better than new hair colour in spicing up your look! A vibrant hue will surely turn heads and create a bright dynamic in your aesthetic! 

Try it out at Philosophy Salon and let our talented hairstylists dye your locks into your dream colour. If you haven’t decided yet, there’s no need to worry. Our stylists prepared a guide that will help you pick the right colour to complement your skin tone and features. 

Here at Philosophy Salon, we’ll show you some tips in picking just the right hue to brighten up your look and bring out the best in you. While you are free to choose whatever hair colour you want, some hues will work better with your assets than any other colour. 

Take a look at the advice that our stylists prepared for you: 

  • Wash your face completely 

The key to determining the perfect hair colour for you is to know your skin undertone. To accurately determine this, you need to remove all traces of makeup that might change your skin colour. 

  • Choose a well-lit room 

Different lightings make a vast difference in your skin tone.  Standing under a warm and yellow light will give you a warmer skin tone so make sure that you have good lighting when you check for your skin’s undertone. 

Try picking a room with natural light!

  • Do shirt test 

Take a look at the sloths you have in your closet and pick the ones that you feel your best in. 

If the colour of your favourite shirts lean on yellow, orange, and earthy tones then you likely have a warm skin tone. Opposite to this, if you feel like you look best in blue shirts, you have a cool skin tone. 

  • Examine your veins and eyes

Take a look at the veins in your wrists. If you see greenish colour in your veins then you have a warm undertone. Meanwhile, if you have a blue and purple vein, you have a cool skin tone. 

  • Picking your hue

Now that you have determined your skin tone, it’s time to pick the perfect hair colour to go with your look. 

For those who have a warm skin tone, warm colours will look best with your new hair. It will make your skin shine brighter and it will highlight your glowing look. If you have a warm skin tone and want to have cool hair colour, you should pick a cool colour with a brighter shade like electric blue. 

The opposite goes for people who have cool undertones. People who have a cool undertone should opt for cooler tones like blue, grey, and white. If you want warm hair colour, you should opt for coppery red hair!