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Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us.  They allow us to continuously improve the Philosophy experience that we are committed to delivering with every visit.  Please tell us about your experience.

I have seen several stylists at Philosophy and I am so delighted and impressed with the artistry and skill of this team. Salon manager Kristena sets the tone from the moment you book, and her attention to detail and organization creates a space where you can relax and renew yourself. The vibe is friendly and high end without the “bougie”. Each client gets such a personal and deluxe experience! I have brought several of my friends and family to the salon after getting so many compliments on my hair, and they are also completely satisfied. Highly recommend!!

Vili is a superb colourist and everyone on the Philosophy team has exacting standards. Philosophy offers a rare combination of professionalism, excellence and a warm, welcoming unpretentious environment.

This is the best salon in Toronto. Staff is professional, salon is always clean, and the stylist are amazing. It’s a warm and friendly environment even if your just sitting and relaxing. If you want to leave looking like a million bucks, this is the place.

How can you top “Excellent?” The lovely Christena at the desk is happy to see you, Bruce is a first rate artist and immensely approachable so your haircut will be the best ever, and the blowdry will last for a week.
I love this salon, it is of the latest and highest standard and style, yet it is without pretension and is comfortable.

What customers are saying about Philosophy Salon

Hair is everything and each one of us at Philosophy Salon understands this well. The team behind this establishment works hard to provide clients with the look they desire and deserve. Quality service and amazing hairstyles are what makes this boutique salon stand out from the rest!

All of our stylists go above and beyond just to make customers feel comfortable and happy. This is because we value each and every one of them so the team makes sure that they experience the best care and love while they stay at the salon. 

Having a good hairstyle is only a part of the equation because what’s important is that the customers feel confident about themselves as they leave the salon. For us to accomplish this task, we must be able to gauge the wants and needs of each customer. This is done through a rigorous consultation process that helps our stylists gauge what the customers desire for their hair. 

With this goal in mind, each one of us at Philosophy Salon ensures to only give the best service possible. After all, what drives us to work hard for our customers is seeing them confidently leave the premises and flaunting their new look to the world. 

Customer testimonials

Are you looking for a new salon to call your home? Look no further from Philosophy Salon! We can give you service above and beyond your expectations so do give us a call to reserve a slot in our tight schedule. 

If you’re still unsure about paying us a visit, do check out the various testimonials that our loving customers have said about our services. See for yourself how many people whose lives were changed through the help of our talented stylists. 

Here are some of the feedbacks that our customers left through Google review. Feel free to browse these statements to get to know more about Philosophy Salon:

Robbie Tyrie 

(A five-star review)

Philosophy Salon was able to give me what I truly desire when it comes to my hairstyle. Now, I can confidently flaunt my looks without feeling insecure about myself. They truly offer a great service that cannot be outmatched by any other salon. I highly recommend paying them a visit because your life will definitely change. 

Melania Truman

(A five-star review)

During my various visits at Philosophy Salon, different stylists have handled my hair. Suffice it to say, I have always left the salon impressed with their skill and artistry. It gives me great delight and pleasure to visit the salon every time I am scheduled for maintenance and retouching. The salon manager sets a friendly tone from the moment you book a reservation up until you get to visit the salon for your makeover. 

Additionally, the manager’s keen attention to detail makes the experience all the more rewarding and relaxing. The team is well organized and they know exactly what they’d be doing with your hair the moment you sit down. 

Also, I am impressed with the overall vibe of the salon because everyone is down to earth and easy to talk to. There’s no air of pretension whatsoever from the staff! They’re always at your service whenever you need them the most. I have brought several friends and family members over to Philosophy Salon and they’re satisfied with the service. This salon is highly recommended. 

Michael Hoffman

(A five-star review)

Visiting Philosophy Salon has become a monthly habit for me especially when one of the stylists there became a lifelong friend. I always make it a point to ask for this one stylist because she truly understands the needs of my hair. She knows exactly what to do with the moment I sit down on the chair. Now that we were able to maintain a professional relationship, my Philosophy Salon stylist doesn’t even have to ask me too many questions to get the look right. 

One thing I highly enjoy with my visits to the salon is the friendly atmosphere that makes you feel welcomed. There is no aura of pretentiousness among the staff and you can easily approach them whenever you have concerns. They’re friendly and accommodating that makes it all the more enjoyable to visit the salon. Philosophy Salon offers this rare combination of professionalism and warmth. 

Andrei Livingstone

(A five-star review)

Philosophy Salon is arguably the best one in Toronto because of its superb customer service and quality care. Each one of the staff is highly professional and what makes it a lot better is no one at the salon is snobbish. You can easily approach them whenever you need help and attention. Moreover, the staff ensures that the salon always looks neat and tidy so that it looks professional at all times. They clean up excess hair every half hour so that it wouldn’t pile up on the floor. 

Entering the salon gives you a warm and comforting feeling that can help you sit back and relax once the hair treatment session is about to begin. If you want to look like a million bucks, then I suggest you visit this place and give their services a try. No other salon was able to give me the top-notch service that my hair truly deserves. 

Shimizu Kioko 

(A five-star review)

The word excellence is an extreme understatement to describe what Philosophy Salon is capable of. Upon entry at the salon, you’ll already sense their professionalism with how they handle your reservation. The front desk staff welcomes you with a warm smile and instructions on how to proceed to the bullpen where the hair magic happens. Each stylist is a magnificent artist once they have their hands on a hairbrush and scissors. 

Visiting the salon has been an immense pleasure for me especially when I met my stylist. Since then, I have always requested him because he knows how to handle my frivolous hair. My hairstyles have never been this good and I am thankful for discovering this haven of a salon. This place has the highest standard for hairstyles and they never go out of style. I highly recommend this salon for those who are still looking for the right stylist to understand their hair. 

Mark Anthony

(A five-star review)

There are no salons in Toronto that can match the high standards of Philosophy Salon. Trust me, I have been to many places that gave me subpar hairstyles. Once I switched to this salon, my life has changed drastically. Each time I visit, there’s a different stylist that serves me and my hair and none of them has ever disappointed me as of yet. I completely trust their skills and artistry because, with my every visit, I always leave the salon satisfied with my look. 

Each one of the stylists is a superb colourist because they know exactly how to handle your hair when applying dyes. They also understand the chemistry of your hair so that it won’t get damaged with the treatments. My self-esteem is boosted every time I go into the salon. I’ve enjoyed compliments from friends, families, and workmates after they see my new look styled by Philosophy Salon. 

Moreover, the staff of the salon are friendly and accommodating. You can approach them anytime when you have questions or concerns. They’ll happily help you with your needs so don’t hesitate to talk to them. This salon is highly recommended for the superb services and overall vibe of the location. 

Joidi Belgorio

(A five-star review)

Once you visit this place, you can never go back to your old stylist! Philosophy Salon has great service that can elevate your hairstyle to the next level. I have never been to a salon with this much precision and care for hair. Nothing can beat this experience of mine with this salon. 

Additionally, the place has a friendly atmosphere that can make you feel comfortable as soon as you step into the salon. It’ll give you such a homey vibe and it takes away whatever anxiousness you are feeling during your visit. You can approach the staff anytime you want especially when you have concerns about their services. They would accommodate your queries immediately and without any hesitations. 

I highly recommend visiting this place especially for people who have yet to find the right stylist for their hair. Each one of the hair care experts of this salon is highly trained to cater to the needs of your hair. Learning about this place saved me thousands of dollars worth of bad haircuts from subpar salons. Their services are very affordable and worth your every penny. 

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